dimanche 12 mai 2013

Chernobyl Diaries on nowvideo

Chernobyl Diaries on nowvideo

Director: Bradley Parker
Writers: Oren Peli (screenplay), Carey Van Dyke
Stars: Olivia Dudley, Jesse McCartney, Nathan Phillips
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 24 May 2012 (USA)
Filming Locations: Serbia

The Americans Chris, his girlfriend Natalie and their friend Amanda leave Los Angeles on vacation and they travel to Europe. They go to Ukraine to meet Chris' brother Paul that lives in Kiev. Chris wants to travel to Moskow to propose Natalie, but Paul convinces the girls to visit Chernobyl instead in extreme tourism They go to the agency of the guide Uri and he explains that he can only go to Pripyat, a derelict city near to Chernobyl, due to the level of radiation. The couple "Viking" Zoe and Michael (Nathan Phillips) join the group and they travel by van. On the arrival, they find a military barrier that asks them to return. However, Uri uses an alternative way through the woods to reach the town. The group spends the day visiting the area and the abandoned buildings and Uri is worried and decides to return to the van. However, the car does not start and Uri realizes that the wires were chewed. Soon they discover that they are stranded in the town and that they are not alone.

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